A refined, simple and functional design sets the Misura solid wood tables apart. These modular tables are all about the top, expression of the natural beauty of the selected type of wood. Handmade in Italy, they are the result of expert craftsmanship and passion for details. The tables are available with oblique or sled legs in different customizable finishes. In the first variant, the structure of the base draws inclined lines and sharp angles, while in the second the legs take on a linear shape, with rounded corners and a contemporary flavor.


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  • 200cm
  • 300cm
  • 350cm

Italian craftsmanship

The recognition of our products is the result of a continuous flow of proposals with an innovative aesthetic and a very high level of quality. The various stages of finishing, in addition to giving an aesthetic content, give the furniture the possibility of lasting and re-evaluating itself over time.

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